In The Heights Album Lyrics

° en un abrir y cerrar de ojos in the short while. ° ojo morado, ojo negro black eyeLe pusieron un ojo negro.They gave him a black eye. ° poner ojo to pay attention¡Ponga Ud. ° tener buen ojo to have a good eye or good foresightHa tenido Ud.

She haleth her by the boyrope till her brains ake. Rotheras; A delicate seat of the Bodmans in Herefordshire. Blowes his horn, then this questi∣on will be decided; viz. Crack the nut and eat the kernel; This alludes to labor. Never gained, nor never shall; Holmesdale is close to Rigat in Surrey.

He that hath many pals eateth an excessive amount of salt along with his meat. If desires and wishes were true, there would hard∣ly be found a Mayd in all the Nunneries of Chri∣stendom. Make not thy good friend too low-cost to thee, nor thy self too expensive to him. A true friend must be like a Privie, open in time of necessity.

▲ to land, disembarkCuando desembarcamos vimos a nuestro amigo en el muelle.When we landed we noticed our good friend on the pier. Delirio deliriumEl delirio le duró toda la noche.The delirium lasted all night. ° con delirio madlyLa quiere con delirio.He’s head over heels in love with her. ° delirio de grandeza delusions of grandeur. Cuanto all that, as much asLe daré a Ud. Cuanto necesite.I’ll provide you with all that you simply need.

Eat after thy personal fashion, but cloath thy self as others doe. More happy then a butchers canine, or the millers cock. I lead the life of little mick, I eat, I drinke, and take my plea∣sure. No sooner is a Church constructed for God, but the Devil erects a Chappel for himself onerous by. Wine hath the complexion of a lamb, a hogg, an ape, and a Lion. Every one hath something to do; The poor to get, The wealthy to keep, the vertuous to study.

Telling your viewers “Paciencia y Fe” and you’ll win a lottery ticket – feels less like hope, however a straight up misleading sentiment. Another way to sell Latinos the “American Dream” that we all know it’s a scam. The Canadian premiere of In the Heights, produced by The Arts Club, opened on the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage on May 6, 2015. Directed by Bill Millerd with co-direction and choreography by Lisa Stevens and musical path by Ken Cormier.

° de por sí individually, individually, by oneselfDio de por sí todo lo que pudo.He gave all he might by himself. —Cada uno de por sí haga lo que pueda.Let each individually do what he can. ° fuera de sí beside himself, herself, yourself, themselvesEstaban fuera de si.They have been beside themselves . ° sí mismo, misma, mismos, mismas himself, herself, themselvesTenía un gran dominio sobre sí mismo.He had nice control of himself (or great self-control).

17Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who’s victorious, I will give a number of the hidden manna. I may also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, recognized only to the one who receives it.

° graduarse to graduate, be graduatedSe graduó en la Universidad de Harvard.He was graduated from Harvard University. Gerencia managementMudaron la gerencia de la fábrica.They modified the administration of the manufacturing facility. ° caer en las garras de to fall into the clutches of. Funcionar to work, operate, run El ascensor no funciona.The elevator isn’t operating.

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