For Máximo San José de la Rosa the dream is fulfilled with the Bodega Divina Proportion. Nature and agriculture have accompanied him since childhood thanks to his family business it was always clear to him that his life would have to merge with the countryside.

That union has come through the vineyard and the fertile land of the Vega de Toro. In 2009 he placed the first stone of the winery, in 2010 we planted the vineyard around and in 2011 the first wine was born. The story of Divine Proportion continues and he does not intend to waste a single second. As a small winery that takes its first steps, his involvement is totally  in the wine process together with his brother Juan. His wife Yovana is in charge of administrative, commercial and public relations work. After only the first 7 years of production we know that the sacred land and the Tinta de Toro from this winery will allow him to achieve his great dream, to create unforgettable and extraordinary wines.

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Divina Proporcion