Dominique Derain was born in the Hospices de Beaune, thus being a true son of Burgundy. He is a cooper by training, and works five years in a cooperage but is too bored. To remedy this, he began working in the vineyards in 1983, with various experiences in the Henri Clerc winery, as well as in Alsace and Chablis. Five years later, he moved to Saint-Aubin, and made the biodynamic cultivation decision from the start. Dominique cultivates very few hectares and buys high quality grapes from his friends, producing powerful whole vintage wines, but never 100%, because he says that “only human nonsense is 100%!” In December 2016, Dominique sold his winery to Julien Altaber and Carole Schwab of the Domaine Sextant, his two young employees who consider him a teacher. They work in continuity with Dominique Derain, respecting his legacy and heritage.

Dominique Derain