The intensity of these wines is the intensity of this land and the men who work it.
A rare example of coexistence between the production system, integrity of the natural environment, expressive originality and quality of life has been created on the Maiella.
One of the most intact natural parks in Europe coexists with quality agriculture, in a social fabric where wine is natural
artistic expression of every home. Here the harmony of a natural system coexists in everyday life and in the exceptional,
like the essence of a landscape and a society linked to the need to protect the most precious they possess:
the quality of existing.
An extreme wine in character, unpredictable in strength, persistent in memory, sumptuous in all its expressions.
These wines represent the intensity and courage of a dream.
A wine that tells of the men he met: who worked the land, who made it fertile, who raised the vines, who collected the fruit, who made it a precious divine gift.