Before becoming a winemaker, Claudio Quarta signs an operation that is registered in the annals of international finance. Genetic biologist, he starts his research activity which leads him to the direction, in 1996, of the Research Center of Gerenzano (VA). In 1995 Marion-Merrel-Dow, the parent company of Lepetit, was acquired and the Research Center destined for closure by the end of 1996. Claudio Quarta to save the Center, known worldwide for the excellence of scientific research. studies the possibility of transforming it into a pharmaceutical biotechnology company, through a management-buy-out process. Biosearch Italia, this is the name of the Company, was born on the last day of 1996. It obtained the first investment by a Venture Capital in the Bio-Pharmaceutical sector in Italy (July 1998) and then became the first Biotech Company to be listed on the Italian market ( July 2000 – New Italian Market). The listing is a great success, but the following year the value of the stock is compromised by the market crisis, following 11 September 2001. This is how Quarta merges with an American partner creating a new company, Vicuron Pharmaceuticals, which it is listed on the NASDAQ in New York and simultaneously on the Nuovo Mercato Italiano (March 2003).
Two years later he begins his new adventure in the vineyards of Southern Italy: his first creature will be Tenute Eméra followed shortly thereafter by Cantina Sanpaolo and in 2012 by his third winery, the small Moros. In the same year Alessandra falls in love with her oenological project and decides to follow in dad’s footsteps, contributing with the same visionary approach to the crowning of a great dream.

Claudio Quarta