The search for quality Moschioni also passes through two women. The daily plan is that of a better wine. We know what irony is, sometimes we are caustic and corrosive, but we try to look far. The precious international awards are “the prize for fatigue”: the demonstration that “you have to give it inside”. This is first of all a family. Tough and united yes, but with your feet on the ground ”.

During winemaking we do not use improper yeasts or enzymes: only indigenous. Fermentation takes place in 60 quintal wooden vats with manual punching down, without temperature control. At the end of fermentation, the racking takes place and the refinement begins in French oak barriques for 13 months. At the end of the aging period, the wine is assembled in large wooden barrels and remains there for a whole year. The bottling follows without any filtration and rest in the bottle for a further 6-8 months.

After the vineyard comes the cellar. It is here that Michele’s vision is manifested in all its generosity, in the relationship with the wine that is maturing in the barrels and in the bottle. It is here, with simplicity, that Michele performs the natural gestures that give flavor to his life, and give life to his wines.